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How Much You Know About King Size Luxury Bedding

In our daily life, king size luxury bedding has become a part of our life. Today, as a professional and insider, I will take you a deeper understanding of king size luxury bedding and bedding kits. In China, bedding industry is also called bedding industry, or bedding industry, bedding industry and indoor soft decoration industry, but most people in the industry are still used to the concept of home textile industry. Bed products mainly include: bed sheet, pillow core, quilt, mattress, pillowcase, quilt cover, etc. 

Classification of Bedding sets in China

Bedding sets are an important part of home textiles. According to the classification of China Home Textile Association, they include: beds, curtains, washing kitchen textiles, furniture textiles (cushions, cushions) and so on. Beds occupy the first place in the home textile industry.

How to buy quality king size luxury bedding

What kind of king size luxury bedding is the top grade, which aspects need to be distinguished? Now let's get to know it and buy quality bedding.

  • Fabric

The most important thing is the choice of fabric. Most customers will ask if it is pure cotton. In fact, there are many kinds of pure cotton, ordinary pure cotton, cotton from Xinjiang of China, Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, after determining which kind of pure cotton you demand, then you may ask the yarn counts, usually the bedding of 40 yarn count with thread count of 200, is currently used in mid-range sets of fabrics and can meet the most of the basic needs.

  • Color

Color is the key thing you have to consider, beautiful color of bedding sets with transparent, comfortable, not rigid feeling is the first choice.

  • Edges and corners

Bed design is very simple, so normally the customers consider that there is no “designdemand but it is not. For the corner of pillow, quilt cover’s corner and opening, all of these factors are the key to test the cutting, production level and bedding grade.

  • Hemming of bedding sets

No matter how good the fabric is, if the bed sheet (bedclothes) trailing or pillowcase opening is only treated with 1 cm or 2 cm edge wrapping, it will lose much brilliant. The reason is the same as that of high-grade clothing. The hemming of high-quality bedding is usually 8 cm to 10 cm at the pillowcase and the sheet edge.

  • Stitch

The stitches are tiny details. The most of foreign brands will strictly regulate the size of stitches with standard of bedding between 2mm and 2.5mm. It is too rough in big size and too tense in small.