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  • Home textiles

    The future about Textile Industry

    The textile industry is an industrial sector that processes natural and chemical fibers into various yarns, threads, threads, tapes, fabrics, and dyeing and finishing products. According to the textil...
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  • home textiles quilt

    Something you should know about quilt

    How to choose a quilt1.Material: Choose different quilt covers on the market, each with different comfort levels and different prices. In terms of comprehensive convenience, cotton will fall asleep mo...
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  • home textile bedding sets

    How to choose bedding?

    Sleeping well is not only related to the mattress but also to the bed. Bedding is an important key for people to sleep soundly.First, how to choose bedding?1. Look at the materialBecause the quilt cov...
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  • bed sheets

    Take you to understand the bed sheets

    Concept of bed sheetsWe often use bed sheets in our daily life, but do you really know bed sheets? Sheets are one of the textiles used on the bed. Generally, fabrics with soft and warm texture are us...
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  • Textile

    Top Priority: Self-help For Textile Companies

    Under the epidemic, sales pressure, labor costs, warehousing and rental expenses coming from various links had driven many companies to think about self-rescue measures. Taobao was founded during the ...
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  • textile industry

    What is the meaning of Textile Industry?

    Introduction to Textiles & the Textile Industry Have you ever looked around your home at all of the products that contain some sort of fabric? You might have noticed blankets, furniture, carpet, curta...
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  • Home Textiles

    Home Textiles Categories You Have To Know

    Home textile as things or saying bedding sets products of our sleep and close to our skin, we need to choose soft and comfortable, let our body get the greatest relaxation, and then start our beautifu...
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  • King Size Luxury Bedding Sets

    How Much You Know About King Size Luxury Bedding

    In our daily life, king size luxury bedding has become a part of our life. Today, as a professional and insider, I will take you a deeper understanding of king size luxury bedding and bedding kits. In...
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  • gray fabric  The gray fabric is changed order in the off-season

    The gray fabric is changed order in the off-season

    In a blink of an eye, in 2019, it has entered June. According to the traditional "golden three,silver four,red May", the current textile market is full of horsepower and vigorous production. But today...
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  • Maintenance method Maintenance method for bedding

    Some maintenance methods for bedding

    There are a lot of things to pay attention to in Home Textiles. If you want to increase the service life of the products, we need to pay attention when we use them. For the maintenance method of beddi...
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